For taking the first step on this journey of self-discovery! Personality Principles is a system designed to help bring out the potential of your “built in” personality traits. Science has found our personalities are encoded in our DNA. We get our personalities from our parents, the same way we get our body build, eye color and skin tone, it’s how we are hard wired.

Each personality has its own set of strengths, struggles, and emotional needs and after learning about your personality, you will be able to identify the things which you are good at doing (strengths) and areas where you need to improve (struggles), as well as understanding how emotional needs affect our behavior patterns (reactions). Everyone has a built in disposition towards a certain behavior or way of thinking.

Below you will see a chart listing some of the strengths, struggles and emotional needs for each personality. Look them over to see if you can tell which one you identify with most. If after taking the profile you have any questions, please feel free to send your questions and comments to:

Personality Principles LLC has many certified trainers around the world, who are willing to bring this powerfully dynamic teaching to your business, organization or school. Visit the website for more information and news.


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This profile is only a tool to help identify a primary personality trait, not a diagnostic instrument for mental health issues. It's intended use is to be the first step on the journey to self-discovery, not a test score.

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This profile was created by Kathryn Robbins, as part of the Personality Principles Assessment System.