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With so many personality/temperament assessment profiles on the market, it's hard to decide which one is the best. Finding one that will work for you is a lot like choosing exercise equipment - the best one is...the one you'll use!

The Personality Principles assessment system is designed for the lay-person in mind. People who are looking for tools that are easy to apply to every day situations, like your job, dating, marriage, parenting, friendships, or as an enhancement to your coaching/counseling businesses.

There are plenty of personality assessment tests, indicators, and profiles that are really good, like the MBTI (Meyer-Briggs), DISC and the Enneagram, but some systems are so complicated that most people can't remember their category, yet alone apply the information to areas in their life that need it the most.

Completing the free on-line personality profile may seem like taking a test, but it’s not a test, it's a tool that will help you find a starting point for making a new plan, one that will work for you. Maybe you feel a little like the guy in our cartoon - in need of something, but you just don't know where to get it.

Let's think of taking the profile as if you are going to the mall, first, you need to realize you are in need of something, so you get in your car and to go to the mall (in need of: information, guidance, hope). You park and walk in (do the profile). Now if you don't know exactly where you are or where you need to go, you might wander round in circles. 

A helpful thing to do is look for the directory board and find the "You Are Here" sticker (find your primary personality type). If after entering the mall you find you’re on the wrong end (living in personality struggles), it will take a little more time to get where you want to go (living in strengths), but worth every step.

Once you figure out where "You Are Here" is, you can now make a plan tailor made for you - one that will actually work, getting you out of frustration and into success.  The journey may be long or short, but at least you’re not aimlessly walking in circles, becoming more and more frustrated and confused. 

What you want to become is a well-balanced individual who is living in his or her strengths, obtaining a measure of success in your relationships, at work, and at home. If you are struggling with life's situations and issues then “Here” is not where you want to stay.  Understanding and applying Personality Principles can unlock potential that you never dreamed possible. 

The free profile offered here is only a basic starting point. If you find you would like more information or some guidance, you may want a Certified Personality Trainer or Coach to look over the results of the assessment and help you make a plan tailored to meet your personality needs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit the coaching page in this website to answer other questions you may have.





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