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Personality Principles™ Short Profiles
Great for Workshops

Adult Short Profile
Adult Profile
Youth Profile

Are you looking for a simple, accurate, affordable profile? Don’t have time to take a long profile?

This is the profile for you! Great for use in workshops, counseling, coaching and personal use.

Here is a simple, quick, inexpensive profile to help your children understand their basic personality traits.

There is no better time to learn this life altering information than when we are starting to make your life plans and goals. It’s difficult to enhance our strengths or minimize our struggles, if we don’t know what they are. Once these traits are visible, we can start working on them. .

Adult Profile Qty
Youth Profile
$2 + S/H
$18 + S/H
$40 + S/H
$75 + S/H
$140 + S/H
$260 + S/H
$600 + S/H

Please note that these prices are for US shipping only.
Canadian, European, and Australian order forms coming soon.

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For Teachers and Trainers!
You can now teach the same Personality Principles 
10-Week Curriculum I've been using.

For several years, I've been teaching a basic personality class for female inmates
at the St. Louis County jail. It's part of a program to help inmates make profound
and lasting changes in the lives prior to release. Many of you have asked
about how and what I teach.  

Here it is!

I have put together a 10 week course that can be easily taught in a school or
college setting, as well as in a ministry setting: Sunday School, youth group,
men & women's groups.

The course has 40 pages with 19 charts, 4 assignments, props list, and 6 posters. 

This course is flexible and covers all the basics of personality traits: visible
clues, strengths & struggles, emotional needs, understanding the Learned
Personality, relationship issues, communication styles and more.   

Unlock the potential of your teaching with
Personality Principles 10 week course!

Instant Download
(About Instant Downloads)


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For the Certified Personality Trainers

Personality Presentation Boards

PP board with stand

Presentation Boards:

Over the years, I have found using my Personality Board to be one of the best visual props I have - even better than Power Point. I fly to many speaking events and I had to create a board that rolls up neatly in its own travel bag. These boards are made from sturdy vinyl. Perfect for taping on visuals, and if they become dirty, simply wipe them clean.

Board dimensions: 2.5 ft X 4 ft without stand
Stand is adjustable for floor or tabletop.

Two board options available:

USA Clients use these buttons

Option 1:

Playful, Innovator,Powerful, Director, Proper, Diplomat, Peaceful, Supporter

$115.00 + S/H
Option 2: Customized
$125.00 + S/H

Customized Wording:
Customized wording is available. Email Kathryn regarding wording.

Personality Board Stand

Deluxe Stand:
$ 55.00 + S/H


Please note that these prices are for US shipping only.

Canadian, European, and Australian order forms coming soon.

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Personality Trainer Business Starter Kit

The perfect way to kick off your Personality Training business! Everything you need to hit the road running:

Personality Presentation Board, Stand and travel bags
Power Point presentation
Workshop Timing Sheet
Workshop Script
50 adult profiles

$285 value

SAVE $50 by buying the kit!

$235 + s/h



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Note about Instant Downloads

Instant downloads are immediate electronic downloads to your computer. As such, once they are downloaded, you are in full possession of the material in electronic form, and are able to copy and print. Because of this, NO REFUNDS will be given once the download is made. If you have any questions, please have them answered before processing payment.









Marita Littauer"I am so grateful that after spending enormous amounts of time with our Certified Personality Trainers, Kathryn Robbins saw a need to give them additional training, to answer their questions, equip them with technology and business savvy, and help move them to a more professional level-and did something about it."


Marita Littauer

President, CLASServices Inc.

Speaker/Author of
Wired that Way
and Your Spiritual Personality












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