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Creating a Personality that's all Your Own
(Putting the Pieces Together)

There's no end of the tests, terms and systems available on the open market today that help us understand ourselves. Which one is the best? It's a little like choosing exercise equipment. "The best one is" the one you'll use. I have found most people have taken the DISC(TM) or Meyers Briggs Type Indicator(TM) at some time in their life, but when asked, "Which type are you?" they have to stop and think about it, "Well, I'm an Extrovert, so I think that letter is E, or maybe it's an I; I'm not sure." At that point, we have missed the whole point. If the information is too confusing, we won't use it. Information we don't apply to our lives today ends up in tomorrow's trash. The Personality Principles system is easy to apply today, so our lives can be changed by tomorrow (well, maybe a day or two after tomorrow).

There is true freedom when we understand the forces that motivate our actions and reactions. Personality Principles takes the process deeper than categorization; we start understanding what we can and cannot change about our personalities (strengths and struggles) and learn to identify our emotional needs (why we do what we do). The best part is: understanding how to meet the emotional needs of others, so we can promote emotionally healthy relationships. Even if we only apply a little bit of the information, we will see changes for the better in no time. (Each of these sessions can be a stand alone talk of 45 - 90 minutes or they can be linked into multiple sessions. Great for corporate team building & conference break-out sessions.)


Building Better Relationships by Understanding...
What Makes You Tick

In this session you will explore the four basic Personality traits: Yellow - Playful Sanguine, Blue - Proper Melancholy, Red - Powerful Choleric and Green - Peaceful Phlegmatic. Having a better understanding of how each basic Personality behaves and responds to life, helps relieve the personal offense you feel around certain people who are not like us.


Understanding Our Emotional Needs

Have you ever gotten a gift you didn't like? What did you do with it? Chances are you did one of three things: Gave it away, threw it away, or put it away. Did you know we do the same thing with the emotional gifts we give each other? In this life-changing look at "why we do what we do." we will discover how to give emotional gifts worth giving and keeping.


Understanding Personality Strengths and Struggles

Have you ever been lost at the mall? The first thing you do is look for the map and find the "You are here" sticker. Understanding your personality strengths and struggles gives us a starting point when it comes to personal growth and maturity. Learn how to identify our unique Personality development style.


Communicating Personality Style

Getting your point across takes more than just words: It takes understanding how others hear what is being said. This session will help us learn how to become "emotionally bilingual."



















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