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E-Cover Design



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Business Building Shortcuts

Are you having any of these common problems in getting your online business started?

  • You've been trying to get your website or blog going, but can't figure out how to really get started.
  • You have bought lots of courses and spent tons of money -- and still have little or nothing to show for it.
  • Figuring out the technology required takes too long and is frustrating beyond belief! 
  • There are just one or two questions you have to get you unstuck, but you can't seem to find the answers.
  • You do best with a step by step approach, but everything you have seen just skips so many of the major key steps.
  • Instead of someone just telling you what to do, you want someone to actually SHOW you how to do it.
    If you’ve answered yes to any of the above – click on the link for more information.


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Red Hot Copy

Speed Copywriting Course

"Master THE World’s Most Valuable Skill, Pump UpYour Profits, And Put Your Business On The Map…
Over ONE Weekend In Your OWN Home!"

This award-winning, power-packed product has already helped hundreds increase their revenues and tighten up their copywriting skills in a live event format. We took the raw materials from three days of intense hands-on training, and tirelessly edited them into the equivalent of a college crash course…complete with professor!


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Copy Cat Copywriting Services

"Are you struggling to create a professional website that attracts clients without being pushy, sales-y or obnoxious?"

I'm Dr. Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter and website marketing coach. My clients are independent professionals and service business owners.  
I want to send you my Special Report, 7 Secrets of Websites That Really Attract Clients, as well as book coverthe audio recording of this important information.


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Avocado Consulting, Inc.

Discover My Secrets For Promoting Your Expertise, Growing Your List And Getting Clients With Article Marketing!

Attention coaches, consultants, speakers and other business owners! Discover how writing articles for your target market helps you become better known, get more newsletter subscribers and more clients. I will show you why article marketing is a very easy marketing and effective technique to use, even if you are not technical.

Article Marketing Home Study Guide

Make Thousands Of Dollars With Your
E-book Home Study Guide

If you have been thinking about creating an e-book, or if you have created an e-book but still haven't started selling it, it is time to take action! Spend two 1-hour sessions with me to learn how to write an e-book, how to create a ready-to-sell e-book copy and how to actually sell it online.

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars With E-books Home Study Guide


It Is Time To Create Your Own Information Products!

You have seen many business owners succeed by creating information products, and now it is your turn! Stop struggling to make ends meet by only offering your services to clients! During this training you will learn, step-by-step, how to find the best product ideas for your business, create these products and make money by selling them.

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars With Information Products

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Porter Cases - Fantastic luggage for you Road Warriors!!

The case that transforms into a two-wheeled cart to
carry a 200 lbs load.

Porter Case video

I learned about Porter Cases several years ago. Since then, our cases have logged countless miles here in the United States and abroad. Yes, that's "cases" as in plural, because soon after I got mine, my husband bought one, and now my son uses one as well. I highly recommend them! They make traveling so much easier!!!

Porter Case is equivalent in quality to the finest luggage on the market, is family-owned where, if your choose to, a telephone call will connect you with the company president. They deliver a REAL warranty. We all know that the airlines are extremely hard on luggage. They have tried their best to destroy our cases, and when they damaged them, Porter Case repaired the cases for FREE. Also, after thousands of miles, my husband Steve literally wore the wheels off one of the cases. Porter Case gave us new wheels for FREE. We have always offered to pay for the repairs because they were not, in any way, Porter Case problems. Although they did not have to, Porter Case has always covered the repairs for FREE. Get the pattern? It pays to buy the best from a real family-owned business.

Check out the video and many professional endorsments at

For now, order yours through Porter Case, or,


SOON you will be able to buy them at a DISCOUNT
through Personality Principles LLC!

NEW for 2010!

We have just negotiated a deal with Porter Case to be an authorized seller.
As such, we will SOON be able to pass on to you substantial discounts!


Get an adavnced PEEK at a new Porter Case coming in 2010.
Among other features, it will feature better dust seals, and TSA locks.
Get a sneak peek


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